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Southwest Airlines is changing the face of the aviation industry. The airline is the world’s largest low-cost carrier. It has emerged as one of the trusted airlines because it never refrained from providing great services to its passengers. Southwest Airlines reservations of the airline or by the Southwest app. Customers can also book tickets by calling on the customer service number of the airline. The agents will guide you on how to book tickets and will also help in finding the best vacation package for you.

Southwest Airlines offers countless deals and discounts to provide tickets at the cheapest fares. Get fascinating deals and avail maximum benefits. Stay updated with the airline via its official app and never miss out on the fantastic offers. If you find any suitable deal, book a ticket without thinking twice. The user-friendly website of the airline is very effective in offering help to its passengers.

About Southwest Airlines

Established in 1967, Southwest Airlines is one of the eminent airlines of the US. Known for its low-cost flight tickets, the airline serves a wide network with approximately 4000 flights per day. The Headquarters of the airline is located in Dallas, Texas, United StatesSouthwest Airlines flights reservations are easy to make; book tickets in the blink of an eye. Southwest Airlines is currently covering 101 destinations. It is one of the most famous and preferred airlines and has gained popularity in recent times. Southwest offers supreme quality of service at low airfares. It has stood out as one of the phenomenal airlines. Find tickets at low fares and book as soon as possible. Snatch some special offers to get discounts on available tickets.

How to Make Southwest Airlines Reservations?

If you are thinking of traveling with Southwest Airlines for your next vacation, then firstly, you should know how to make Southwest Airlines booking. Find out exclusive and latest deals featured on the airline to get your booking done at much ease. There are three ways to book flight tickets with Southwest Airlines. You can book tickets via the official site, phone app, and Southwest Airlines reservations number +1-800-819-4710 of the airline.

Gone are the days when each passenger has to visit travel agents to book tickets. You don’t need to stand in the long queue to book flight tickets. Southwest has made ticket booking hassle-free. Three ways to book tickets are-

Book your flight ticket through any method and explore your favorite destination.

Contact Southwest Airlines – Get instant guidance

Southwest Airlines reservations number has only one motive to make Southwest airlines reservations booking process quick for the esteemed travelers. Exquisite customer service of the airline is well-known in the industry. The dedicated team not only helps in solving your query but also provides assistance in the seat booking process.

Go ahead and pick your phone to dial the helpline number of the airline regarding any issue. Help-desk of the airline is a group of dedicated and trained travel advisers who know how to provide appropriate information about routes, segments, and various classes of Southwest Airlines and will give you what suits you the best.

Representatives of the airline assist patrons in reaching out to the best airfare packages as per their budget and destination choice. It saves customers from the hassle of searching for the best flight over the internet and then choose the best one. The travel advisers are not only good at providing assistance but also experts in elegant mannerisms. Call Southwest Airlines reservations phone number +1-800-819-4710 and all your problems will be addressed by the agents.

Why choose Southwest Airlines Official Site?

Choosing Southwest Airlines for your next travel venture could be very beneficial for you as this renowned airline is very famous for affordability. Grab any lucrative deal and fly to the final destination to indulge in the beauty of nature. The only focus of the airline is to provide the best luxury to its passengers at cheap prices.

Many benefits of selecting Southwest Airlines for your next vacation include-

Flexible policies

To ensure the comfort of passengers, Southwest has certain principles and policies. These policies are set for the passengers so that they can have an enjoyable experience while flying. One of these is the Southwest airlines Cancellation policy of Southwest Airlines, which permits passengers to cancel tickets easily and without any ado. With these policies, the airline’s customers remain satisfied.

Keep improving

Southwest Airlines always strives to grow and be better than earlier. This airline has a very good record for being forward-thinking. Southwest has recently obtained AirTran, which helped Southwest to expand its services and gain market share. The airline tries to upgrade the airplane’s fleet, which will add more capacity and increase profit potential and revenue.

Rewards and pricing

Southwest Airlines offers one of the great rewards programs. Passengers can earn points on each purchased flight ticket, which can be used later in future bookings. Accumulate these points and redeem them for future travel. Keeping its customers happy is the main motive of the airline.Pricing of the airline ticket is also very low as compared to other airlines, that’s why it is best for you to make Southwest Airlines reservations phone number +1-800-819-4710.

On-time arrival

Southwest Airlines is ranked 8th in the list of on-time arrivals. Southwest Airlines does not make you wait to reach the final destination. Sometimes the flight gets canceled or delayed, but technical faults can arise with anyone. Most of the time, you will be at your destination on time.

Easy booking process

The ticket booking process for Southwest Airlines is very simple and easy. Passengers can book a ticket without putting in any extra effort. Be updated with the featured deals and offers to gain maximum benefits. Book flight tickets, hotels at low prices.

Be a smart traveler and fetch amazing deals in no time. Southwest Airlines is an ideal choice for travelers who want tickets at cheap fares.

Southwest Airlines Baggage allowance

Trust your luggage with Southwest Airlines. Planning ahead and properly packing your bag can facilitate the process of screening and ease your travel experience. Southwest airlines Baggage policy is quite simple and smooth. Check what you can pack in your carry-on baggage and checked baggage. Even if you are carrying a permitted item, it will go through the additional screening.

Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

Southwest Airlines has its own set of baggage policies. You can also know the baggage policies from the Southwest Airlines Reservations official site. The airline allows passengers to travel with only one carry-on bag and a personal item. The personal item can be your camera, purse, etc. The maximum size limit set by the airlines is 10/16/24 inches or anything smaller.

Also, your checked baggage item cannot weigh more than 50 lbs. and 62 linear inches. If your checked bags weigh more than the maximum limit, you need to pay an extra fee.

Checked Baggage

You are allowed to carry two checked bags if you have made Southwest Airlines reservations flights. These bags will be screened.

Don’t forget to check the baggage allowance of Southwest Airlines before moving towards the airport. Plan a journey and pack your luggage as per the airline’s limitations to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Carry-on luggage

Personal item

Destinations Served by Southwest Airlines

Southwest is currently serving its flights to 101 destinations in 41 states. Southwest did not prefer hub and spoke system; it prefers a point-to-point network, with a combination of rolling hub model in its base cities. 80 percent of passengers of the airline are local passengers, while the other 20 percent are connecting passengers. Southwest destinations include-

Southwest Airlines Serves Crew Bases at the Following Airports.

In-flight Amenities of Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines has an array of in-flight amenities that it provides to its passengers. The airlines will make all efforts to turn your flying experience into a memorable one. Starting from a variety of foods to a classic range of drinks, you will never get a chance to complain about their service and the way they treat you. The seats are reclined and quite comfortable for a relaxing journey. Apart from it, you can stream your favorite movies and series on your personal device through wi-fi that is available on the flight. You can also use the Southwest app to enjoy all the facilities like watching movies and listening to songs. You will never have a dull moment traveling on a Southwest Airlines carrier.

Food and beverages

Treat yourself with delicious Southwest food. You are provided with complimentary snacks and drinks. You can check the on-board menu and order as per your taste buds. You will find this menu in the seat-back pocket. Choose beverages as per your taste, such as wine, beer, cocktails, coffee, etc.

Friendly crew

On-board Crew and staff are very polite and courteous, they are very supportive and will talk to you in a friendly way, which will make you comfortable.

Comfortable cabin

Southwest Airlines has recently unveiled a new look to its cabin. They mainly focus on personal space and comfort. Stretch your legs to make yourself more comfortable.

In-flight entertainment

Passengers don’t need to buy Wi-Fi to access anything. You can watch free movies, TV shows and listen to your favorite music.

Make Southwest Airlines official site +1-800-819-4710 and take advantage of all the amenities.

How to Book Southwest Airlines Reservations Online Booking ?

Have you ever booked your flight with Southwest Airlines? Are you aware of the booking procedure or the facilities and amenities available traveling on a Southwest Airlines flight? If not, you have made the right stop as this article will mainly focus on the procedure to make Southwest Airlines Reservations flights and the amenities you can enjoy with the airlines.

Southwest is one of the low-cost airlines in the United States providing services to various destinations in and around the U.S. The airlines has its headquarters in Largo, Florida and operates with a fleet size of 10 aircraft. The airlines make traveling affordable and convenient as the tickets are sold at a very reasonable price. One will also be very satisfied with the process involved in making a Southwest Airlines Reservations phone number +1-800-819-4710 as it is very simple and user-friendly.

If you are searching for a procedure to book a Southwest Airlines flight, just go through the below guidelines and you will be able to book a flight in no time!

Easily steps to follow for Southwest Airlines reservations.

First of all, visit the official site of Southwest Airlines.

Then you will be directed to a page where you have to choose the “ Book a Flight” option and hit enter.

Choose the type of trip you want to book i.e. round trip or one-way.

Next, you have to enter the origin and destination.

Select the dates of your travel.

Enter the number of passengers who are traveling.

Finally, when you have entered all the details, click on the search button.

You will get a list of all the available flights on that day. You need to choose one according to your budget and timing and complete the process of booking your Southwest Airlines flight.

Thus, a Southwest Airlines official site provides you the benefit of unlimited facilities that you can enjoy onboard. You just need to go through the policies set by the airlines before you proceed with the booking.

Choose Southwest Fares as Per Your Choice.

Southwest Airlines has divided its fare group into three types; and they are Wanna Get Away, Anytime fare groups, and Business Select. These fare groups provided by Southwest Airlines have been designed based on the combination of fares and perks incorporated into them. If you wish to know the benefits of each and every fare group you can know by visiting the airlines’ official website or by simply contacting Southwest Airlines reservation number.

Various Payment Methods with Southwest Airlines

When you are making reservations with Southwest Airlines you must know that you can make payments through either credit cards, travel funds or miles. When you are having Southwest LUV Vouchers or gift cards you can make payments through PayPal. If you wish to get refunds for your reservation, you can simply contact Southwest reservations phone number.

Southwest Airlines Customer Service

The customer support of Southwest Airlines is always ready to help their clients at any time of the day. It is because if of the customer support service the airlines has retained its position in the top rankings of best airlines.

It’s not like only before catching your flight or making Southwest Airlines bookings, you can contact the customer support of the airlines. You can also call them just before catching your flight and even after de-boarding your flight. There are many issues related to Southwest Airlines’ flight while one is traveling; it can be related to anything like Southwest Airlines reservationsrefunds, cancellations, arrival and departure timings, flight status etc. So, for any such problem, you can contact the airline’s customer service phone number +1-800-819-4710.

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Southwest Airlines Reservations – FAQs

Southwest Airlines is one of the major airlines in the United States. The airline is famous for its low-cost airfares and best in-flight and out-flight services, which ultimately leads to customer satisfaction. Although the airline provides the best services and hassle free booking procedure, still passengers find some issues regarding numerous services. But they don’t need to worry about that, they can simply call the airlines customer service for assistance or can go through the FAQs provided on the airline’s official website. Below are a few examples of general FAQs asked by customers.

The airline allows all its passengers to carry two checked baggage pieces for free of cost within the baggage size and weight limit.

When it comes to carry-on baggage, you are allowed to travel with one carry-on baggage along with one personal item. However, the size of your carry-on baggage must not exceed 10x16x24 inches. Similarly your personal items such as purses, briefcases, cameras, food containers etc., must not exceed 18.5 x 8.5 x 13.5 inches.  

If your carry-on baggage does not meet the above permissible size limit, then you will have to check-in at the gate. Your carry-on baggage piece will be stowed below the aircraft and you can receive it at baggage claim when you reach your final destination.

Your Personal items must be easily stored under the seat in front of you or else you will be asked to keep it in the overhead cabin of the aircraft.

If you are carrying any sharp objects like needles, sharp blades or syringes then please make sure that they are covered properly.

When it comes to checked baggage, you are allowed to carry a baggage piece that must not exceed 50 pounds and the size must not exceed 62 inches (Length X Width X Height). If your baggage weight exceeds the above permissible weight and size limit, then it will come under overweight and oversized baggage, for which a fee of $75 per piece will be charged.

If your baggage weighs in-between 51 to 100 pounds then it will come under an overweight baggage piece, and if your baggage is in-between the size limit of 62 inches and 80 inches, then it will come under the oversized baggage piece. If your baggage piece is more than 100 pounds, then it will not be carried in the plane, instead it will be shipped as air cargo.

Yes, with your web-enabled device, you will be able to do check-in, check your flight status, change your flight, and even rent a car.

Once you are done with your check-in process via your web enabled device like mobile phone or tab, simply walk to the airport and go to the nearest e-ticket check-in kiosk to print your boarding pass. The system will recognize that you have checked in for your flight and therefore, will request you to reprint your boarding pass. You can also get your boarding pass at the ticket counter, skycap, and also online at the airline’s official website.  

No, if you have already purchased Early Bird check-in, you will be checked in automatically and will receive your reserved boarding position 36 hours before your flight’s local departure time

Yes, you can get a replacement copy for your lost itinerary; however, you must have your own confirmation number. You can also retrieve your itinerary by searching for your reservation information. If you do not have your confirmation number, you can call the airline’s customer service number at +1-800-819-4710.

You don’t need to get worried about that, it will only take few seconds. You can request for past flight points for up to 12 months after your flight. To claim points, you will simply have to log in to your account and select my account and choose the manage tab within your rapid rewards. Now choose request past points and enter your record locator from your reservation. After your flight information is verified, points will be deposited into your account.

When you realize that you have left your important item on-board of the plane, then immediately bring it to the notice of a Southwest Airlines’ staff before leaving the airport, so that he/she can inform it to higher authorities. If you have already left the airport, then please contact the airlines lost and found the department. You need to provide detailed information regarding your bag and items in it. The airlines will make every sincere effort to locate your bag and return it to you.

No, you are not allowed to travel with your pets in the cabin of the aircraft on an international flight. The airlines also doesn’t allow you to travel with your pet if your itinerary includes an international flight.

Yes, reservations for pets in Southwest Airlines need to be made in advance, as there will be limited space for your pets. Pet reservations can be made by calling Southwest Airlines reservations number +1-800-819-4710. Pet charges can be paid on the day of travel by reaching the ticket counter. Pets will later need to proceed through security.

The boarding process for Southwest flights is designed in such a way that no passengers have any trouble. After the check-in, you will be allotted a position from 1 to 60+ and a boarding group (A, B, or C). You can check the combination of your boarding group and position on the boarding pass (for example, B13) you get after check-in. Check the numbered post on each gate, indicating where you need to line up. Wait when the boarding group is called and get in the line as per your designated place and board the flight when your turn comes.In case of any problem, you can take the help of any airline official; they will be happy to assist you.

Southwest boarding process includes a “Family boarding” section, which occurs right after the “A group” boarding and before “B group” boarding. The family boarding facility is provided for passengers who are two adults with a child (6 years of age or younger). In case you have an “A group” boarding pass, then you must board the flight in with the assigned boarding group. In case you have any queries regarding this service, you must talk with an airline representative at the airport.

Yes, you are allowed to check-in online for group booking from 24 hours before the departure. You can get the boarding pass from the kiosk or ticket counter at the airport after check-in.Please note that online check-in for a group itinerary is a bit different from the usual check-in process.
International groups:
Launch the Southwest Airlines website and click on the “Check-In” tab available on the page to initiate the check-in process.
Enter the confirmation number and last name of one of the group itinerary members. Please note that you can make check-in for only one flyer at a time for international group itineraries.
You will be required to provide an emergency contact number and valid passport details to finish the check-in process.
Follow the same steps for each group member and get the boarding pass from the ticket counter at the airport.

Domestic groups: The check-in process for domestic groups is largely the same. However, you can opt to check-in the entire group together at once.

If you have a PayPal account, select PayPal as the paying method during flight ticket booking. Then you will be taken to a PayPal page, where you can log in with your PayPal account make Payment to finish the flight booking process.

All the passengers with a valid flight booking with Southwest Airlines are allowed to use the self-service kiosks at the airport, except the following mentioned below.
Passengers who are traveling with a physical ticket.
Passengers with Military fare tickets.
Passengers traveling with age-qualifying fares who haven’t been age verified.
Passengers traveling with pets.
Unaccompanied Minors

You might be needed to pay the fare difference during the ticket change process, but the airline never charges a change fee. Fare difference is the difference in your new itinerary fare and previous itinerary.

Yes, certain characters are allowed to be used in the password except for the first character of the password. You can only use an alphanumeric character in the first character’s place.

Call Southwest Airlines International Phone Number

AirlinesPhone Number
Southwest Airlines Reservations+1-800-819-4710
Southwest Airlines Customer Service Number+1-800-819-4710
Southwest Airlines Lost Baggage Phone Number1-888-202-1024
Southwest Airlines Reservations Phone Number1-800-243-8372
Southwest Reservations Phone Number1 (800) 435-9792
Southwest New Hotel Reservations1-800-733-1137
Southwest Airlines Reservation Number1-855-234-4654
Rapid Rewards Customer Service Number+1-800-819-4710
Public Relations & Media Relations214-792-4847
Existing Hotel Reservations1-800-545-4489
Jackpot Deal Packages1-877-308-4216
Southwest Airlines Group Reservations Phone Number1-888-433-5368
Southwest Airlines Phone Number International011-386-236-0040
Focus citiesAustin, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose (CA), St. Louis, Tampa
Fleet size754
HeadquartersDallas, Texas, U.S.

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